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Zyrocal does what other Calcium supplements can’t

 — Stop bone loss and Increase bone density

Traditional calcium supplements only slow bone loss. Only Zyrocal is clinically supported to stop bone loss and increase bone density.

average rating is 4.5 out of 5

Plant Based 

92% Absorption

Safe for all Age Group

Clinically Tested

To improve Bone Density

Recommended Calcium to Magnesium Ratio of 2:1** 

American Heart Association

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Increase Bone Density

Worlds first Brand with 6 Certifications for Guaranteed clinical results**

Data on File**

Zyrocal is not Calcium

Calcium Alone Can't do anything

World's 1st scientifically proven supplement as per "latest Journals & Study" for Bone Density

Study On Human Ostoblast                                                     View Study

Organic Vs Non-Organic Calcium

Appx 400% More Effective than Rock Calcium

Decreased Magnesium status may mediate increased Cardiovascular Risk associated with Calcium Supplementation”

“British Medical Journal”-July 2017                                        View Study

Magnesium Disorder Can cause calcium Pyrophosphate Deposition disease also known as Calcification of joints, Pseudo-gout ,CPDD or inflammatory arthritis

European Journal of Rheumatol-Mar 2018                             View Study

For More Scientific Info & Study  Please visit-

Zynext India Official Website- @

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MRP 534 Rs 
Discounted Price 454 Rs for 30 Veg Tablets


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North America,South America,Europe

**Pack Size Varies Outside India


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