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Restricted Painful 

Regenerate -Flexibility

Traditional Joint Support Supplements Only Provide Symptomatic Relief.
Regenflex-C2 is scientifically Proven to Provide Symptomatic Relief and
Reverse Joint Destruction

1st Time In India
The Power of 7
Joint Repair Essential Ingredients in 1 Tablet
As Per Recommended Scientific Strength* ​

average rating is 4.5 out of 5
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North America,South America,Europe

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Amount Per Serving ..................1 Tablet

UC-II Type 2 Collagen .............................40mg

Rosehip extract.......................................750mg

Boswellia serrata Extract..................307.5mg

Curcumin Extract...................................100mg

Hyaluronic acid.......................................100mg

Devils claw root extract........................100mg


MRP 1740 Rs / 30 Tablets
Discounted Price 1357 Rs  / 30 Tablets (22% Off

What is Osteoarthritis?

When flexible tissue at the ends of bones wears down. The wearing down of the protective tissue at the ends of bones (cartilage) occurs gradually and worsens over time. Joint pain in the hands, neck, lower back, knees or hips is the most common symptom. Medication, Supplements,physiotherapy and sometimes surgery can help reduce pain and maintain joint movement.   Osteoarthritis of the knee happens when the cartilage in your knee joint breaks down, enabling the bones to rub together. The friction makes your knees hurt, become stiff and sometimes swell. While osteoarthritis in the knee can be cured, there are many treatments to slow its progress and ease your symptoms. OA occurs when the cartilage tissue protecting the end of a bone breaks down Any joint can develop OA. which is most common in the hands knees, and hips, Joint pain from OA may be mild and annoying or severe and debilitating

Stages of Osteoarthritis?

STAGE 1 – MINOR This is the least severe stage of OA. Patients in stage 1 will develop minor wear-and-tear in their joints, but typically feel little to no pain in the affected area. If you have no history of OA, a doctor will most likely leave your symptoms untreated, but they may advise you take supplements or change up your exercise routine. Symptoms-*Cracking Of Knees while sitting or Standing STAGE 2 – MILD This is when X-rays will start to show more noticeable bone spur growths (growths that often develop where bones meet each other in the joint). Symptoms-*The affected area will starts to feel stiff after long, sedentary periods, and will become uncomfortable. STAGE 3 – MODERATE In stage 3, the cartilage in the affected area starts to erode and narrow the gap between bone and joint. Symptoms-*The joint becomes inflamed and starts causing discomfort during normal daily activity. STAGE 4 – SEVERE This is the most severe stage of OA, which means it is also the most painful. At this point, the cartilage is almost completely gone, leading to an inflammatory response from the joint. The bone spurs that developed in the earlier stages have now multiplied, often causing excruciating pain. Symptoms-*Very severe pain in movement,Restricted Flexibility

Regenflex C2 Recommendation-

For Cartilage Regeneration,Endogenous Synovial Fluid Synthesis & Pain-inflammation 1st to 3rd Stage-Mild to Moderate Pain-1 OD for 90 Days 1st to 3rd Stage-Moderate to Severe Pain-Twice a day for 15 days followed by 1 OD for 80 Days 4th stage-Severe to Very Severe Pain- Twice a Day for 90 Days

How to use Regenflex C2 ?

Preferably With 100ml water 30 min. before Meal

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(92 References - 17 Clinical Trials - 1470 Patients)

Regenerate Cartilage 
Regenerate Synovial fluid
Regenerate Flexibility


Acts On All 3 Stages of
Joint Destruction 


(UC-II) Collagen Type II

Inhibits T -Killer cells therby slows Cartilage degradation & help in new cartilage synthesis


Hyaluronic Acid

Increase synovial fluid synthesis & maintains endogenous synovial fluid viscocity


Rosehip+Boswellia+Devils Claw+Curcumin+Astaxanthin

Inhibits 5-LOX,COX-2,TNf-alpha

IL-1,2,6,8,12 Therby reduces Inflammation & Pain

UC-II  Type-2 Collagen (40mg)

10.6% improvement in Knee Extension*

Prevent Cartilage Degradation Through Oral Tolerance 

Help in New Cartilage Synthesis

International Journal of Research in Orthopaedics; Prabhoo Int.J Res Orthopaedics 2018,Sept4(5)

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Regenflex C2- Scientifically Proven beneficial for  -

  • Stimulate Endogenous Collagen Synthesis by triggering enzymes

  • Significiant Joint Pain Reduction with 2-3 Days with reduction in NSAID dependency within 5-6 days

  • Reduce Inflammation by acting on both LOX & COX pathway

  • Effective cartilage protection in OA & RA

  • Lubricating Joints by forming endogenous synovial fluid,Maintains Synovial fluid Viscosity.

  • Improves Joint flexibility associated with Pain & Restricted movements.

  • Effective in Spinal Cord,low Back and Knee Pain.

  • Stop's Cracking of Knee by lubrication via synovial fluid regeneration.

  • Repair & Regenerate Cartilage & Joints.

  • Beneficial in Knee Pain,Hip Pain,Ankle Pain,Wrist Pain,Finger-Joint Pain,Elbow and Shoulder Pain.

  • Ligament and Tendon injury

  • Sports Cartilage & Joint Injury

  • Tendonitis & Tennis Elbow

  • Regenerate flexibility  Renew Life 

Based & Supported by Meta Analysis*

92 References 17 Clinical Trials 1470 Patients


A new study published in Nutrition Journal finds that UC-II, Type 2 collagen be more effective at improving symptoms of (OA) than glucosamine hydrochloride plus chondroitin sulfate. Cartilage repair may be a result of the immunomodulatory effects of Type 2 collagen only. This leads to the activation of macrophages to an M2 phenotype that induces chondrocytes to express cartilage matrix while suppressing the more pathological actions that damage cartilage

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