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Why Zynano D3 Shots are Doctor's First Choice ?

✅Zynano D3 offers Highly advanced drug delivery system in Vitamin D3 formulation-

✅ Zynano D3 Shot is having Vitamin D3 Particle size of 200nm Vs 1200nm size available in Vitamin D3 Capsules, Sachet,Tablets - Zynano D3 offers maximum bioavailability

✅Unlike Vitamin D3 Capsules,Sachet,Tablets etc which are needed to taken with fat food or milk Zynano D3 Shot is ready to drink liquid and can be taken any time of day because of its nano technology in Vitamin D3 formulation.

✅ Approx 1443 Brands of Vitamin D3 are available in market but out of them 90% brands are of supplement grade i.e food grade where the claimed and exact amount may differ However Zynano D3 offers IP (Indian Pharmacopoeia grade) I.e Medicinal Grade Vitamin D3 means, we are saying 60,000 IU in 5ml it is surely there with Assured Premium Quality ISO,GMP certified


Zynano D3 Nano shot Uses-

★Vitamin-D deficiency

★Improving Immunity



★Weak and Aching Bone

★Frequent cough & Cold

★Pale skin & Dark circles





★Loss of appetite

★Osteoporosis-weak and brittle bones.

★Hypoparathyroidism-parathyroid glands make low levels of calcium in the body.

★Latent tetany-a muscle disease with low blood calcium levels.

★Rickets or osteomalacia-softening of bones due to lack of calcium.Vitamin D deficiency occurs when our body has low Vitamin D levels and is caused due to inadequate nutrition,intestinal mal-absorption,lack of sunlight exposure,Over use of skin cream.


Why Choose Zynano D3 Shots-

✔Zynano-D3 Shots-(Cholecalciferol) acts by promoting the absorption of calcium and Vitamins from different organs and helps in maintaining overall health.

✔Zynano-D3 Shots(Liquid)-Absorbs more than Vitamin D3 Capsules,sachet and tablets due to its nano particles size of less than 200nm as compared to 1200nm size found in Vitamin D3 Capsule,Vitamin D3 tablet and Vitamin D3 sachet.

✔Zynano-D3 Shots-Can be taken anytime of day whereas Vitamin D3 Capsules,tablets and sachets can be taken only with fat food thus less absorbed

✔Zynano-D3 Shots are Sugar-free thus safe for diabetics also, where it is required more as Diabetics were having more chances of Vitamin D3 Deficiency

✔Delicious Alfanzo mango flavour with sugar free advantage

✔API and excipient of Plant Origin.

✔Double sealed cap making it leak-proof.

✔Manufactured in-state of art with ISO GMP assured Quality.

✔Offers convenient Once-a-week dosage.

✔Available at just 54 Rs per Shot,More than Half Price like Depura nano or Arachitol nano costing appx 100 Rs/Shot


How to Take Zynano D3 Shot-

Just 1 Shot (5 ml) Ready to drink sugar free solution on same day of week minimum for 8 weeks at anytime of Day


Easy Ordering:

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Zynano™ D3 Shot (12X5ml)

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