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Regenflex C2

1st Time In India-The Power of 7 Joint Support Ingredients in 1 Tablet

✅️ Regenerate Cartilage

✅️ Relieves Discomfort

✅️ Improves Mobility

Regenflex C2 Composition-

Amount Per Serving -1 Tablet

Type 2 Collagen -40mg

Rosehip extract-750mg

Boswellia serrata-307.5mg


Hyaluronic acid-100mg

Devils claw-100mg


Why Regenflex C2 is Doctor's first Choice for Joint Health ?

🌟(UC-II) Undenatured TYPE II COLLAGEN (40mg)

A new study published in Nutrition Journal finds that UC-II, an undenatured type II collagen be more effective at improving symptoms of (OA) than glucosamine hydrochloride plus chondroitin sulfate,Cartilage repair may be a result of the immunomodulatory effects of Type 2 collagen. This leads to the activation of macrophages to an M2 phenotype that induces chondrocytes to express cartilage matrix while suppressing the more pathological actions that can damage cartilage

🌟 ROSEHIP EXTRACT (750 mg) Rosehip extract contains polyphenols and anthocyanins, which are believed to ease joint inflammation and prevent joint damage. It's also rich in vitamin C, which has antioxidant properties.In addition to offering benefits for patients with OA, rosehip may offer benefits in other conditions such as back pain in RA. A 1 year surveillance of 152 patients found that rosehip provided significant pain relief for patients with acute exacerbations of chronic back pain

🌟 BOSWELLIA SERRATA (307.5mg) Boswellia Serrata helps to improve Joint mobility by blocking pro-inflammatory enzymes like 5-LOX.Clinical studies have shown that Boswellia serrata extract not only has anti-inflammatory and anti-RA properties, but also improves pain and physical function of Joints, In vitro experiments also show that Boswellia serrata extract can inhibit the expression of inflammatory factors such as adhesion molecules and Supports Joint

🌟 CURCUMIN EXTRACT (100mg) The mechanism of action by which curcumin shows anti-inflammatory effect is by attenuating inflammatory response of TNF-α stimulated human endothelial cells by interfering with NF-κB. Furthermore, curcumin is also capable of preventing platelet-derived growth factor during Joint destruction

🌟 HYALURONIC ACID (100mg) Helps to Increase the endogenous HA 10 folds,Normally,synovial fluid contains high levels of hyaluronic acid (HA) that help to maintain high fluid viscosity and the normal integrity of the joint by attenuating inflammation and preserving the normal cartilaginous matrix,In addition, HA has been found to be important in the composition of cartilage tissue and synovial fluid in joints HA has been widely used for differentiating ASCs into chondrocytes and repairing articular cartilage damage

🌟 DEVILS CLAW EXTRACT (100mg) Devil's claw contains iridoid glycosides, components believed to have strong anti-inflammatory effects. It has a high concentration of one type of iridoid, called harpagoside, and some laboratory tests suggest itwill relieve pain and inflammation.

🌟 ASTAXANTHIN (4mg) Increasing levels of antioxidants can help to reduce cartilage loss, improve current symptoms of joint pain, swelling and inflammation as well as slow the degenerative process that can take place in our joints as we age,In human keratinocytes, astaxanthin effectively protected against UV-induced inflammation by decreasing the mRNA and protein expressions of iNOS and COX-2. All these data suggest that astaxanthin can exhibit its anti-inflammatory action

🌟 REGENFLEX C2 Tablets A Unique Combination Supported by 5 research and 18 Studies for 1st time in India a Truely Advance Joint Support Supplement which will not Only Slows the destruction and pain of Joints, But also regenerate's Cartilage and Synovial fluid of Joints thereby Improves mobility,Regenflex C2 is Manufactured in-state-art with ISO,GMP,USFDA Certifications,Try Our Started Pack Of 1 Strip(10 Tablets) and Feel the Difference of-> RESEARCH BACKED- POWER PACKED Regimen

Regain the strength, flexibility and mobility of your Joint with the natural joint Regimen

Regenflex C2 needed to be taken 1 tablet two time a day before meal for 2 months

Regenflex C2 Use -

Joint Pain

Knee Pain

Hip Pain

Ankle Pain

Wrist Pain

Finger Joint Pain

Elbow and Shoulder Pain

Back Pain

Spinal Cord Pain

Joint Pain & Support Supplement -

Regain the strength, flexibility and mobility of your past youth ! You’ll be able to confidently climb stairs, get in and out of the bath or shower . . . start feeling better tomorrow with just 2 Tablets in a day. Be precautionary and strengthen your Joints now, while there is still time for you to be protected and ensure you'll still be standing strong with strong bones for years to come like thousands of People who Trusted our Brand !

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