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Zyrocal is not a Calcium" This is - "Food for Bones" i.e MGnified Algae calcium which is derived from American marine algae.

This Algae is Farmed, Dried & Powdered without any Heat or additive usages ensuring all 72 bone Nutrient Intacted like-Zinc,Vandium,Potassium,Silicon,Selenium,Nickel,Borone,Copper,Magnesium,Manganese,Strontium,Phosphorus Algas Calcareas in Zyrocal is a dietary supplement derived from a marine-algae native to South America and is abundant on the sea shores.


This algae absorbs minerals from the sea before it breaks it down naturally before settling on the bottom of the ocean. This calcified structure is a source of many trace minerals and bone-supporting factors and is also pre-digested and bioavailable. Algas Calcareas was first found by Dr. Marcos Norman to reduce fusion temperatures in steel manufacturing. However, Dr. Norman became so fascinated with the properties of this mineral source, he left Morris Kwugsem to begin a study on this South American marine algae that has lasted for 29 years. Moreover our added fortification of Vitamin D3 Vitamin-k2 Magnesium Zinc


Each Bone Nutrient compliment each other and ensure Zyrocal as best Natural,Organic,Vegetarian Calcium Supplement for healthy bones and Osteoporosis.

✔Zyrocal (Algae Calcium) is world’s only USDA certified raw calcium powder having best Purity,Stability and Sustanibility.

✔Zyrocal is Non-Gmo, Glutein-Free, Soya-Free, Vegetarian Tablets

✔Zyrocal contains PRE-DIGESTED calcium ensuring high Bioavalibility with proven safety and no Side-effects in Renal impairment and Old aged as well

✔Zyrocal is the only brand that is having Magnesium 200mg in ratio of Ca:Mg= 2:1. Many Study suggested that Ca:Mg ratio of 2:1 is Safe for Cardiovascular, Arthritis and CPDD patients

✔Zyrocal is Natural Organic MGnified Calcium supplement Clinically Tested safest solution

✔Without Side-effects like CPDD, Pseudo-Gout, Constipation, Renal Calculi (Kidney Stones) Cardiovascular Risk


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Zyrocal tablet (60 Veg Tablets)

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