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Protect Your Bones with Zyrocal Best Calcium Supplement-Nature's Pure Algal Calcium

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Which is Best absorbed calcium supplement?

Zyrocal has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective in supporting bone health. Each tablet contains 500mg of Algal calcium which is the optimum to calcium magnesium ratio of 2:1 respectively. Unlike dairy products, Zyrocal only contains plant based, allergen free calcium that is highly bio-available for human consumption.

Zyrocal is the world's first calcium supplement derived from pure algal source. It is a balanced formula containing the right amount of calcium to magnesium ratio (2:1), which is beneficial for the health of bones and enhances skeleton strength.

Difference between Algal Calcium and Other calcium?

Zyrocal tablet is the first product of its kind to offer two important benefits in one dosage viz., calcium and magnesium in scientifically validated ratio of 2:1. This ratio ensures better absorption of both these essential nutrients into your body with better deposits in your bones. This bio-available calcium magnesium supplement also helps reduce risk of bone fracture by reducing urinary excretion rate of calcium. Forget about supplements that are packed with harmful ingredients, bulky and difficult to swallow pills. Zyrocal tablet reduces all these problems with a scientifically proven formulation, delivered conveniently in a small daily tablet.'

Scientifically Proven Beneficial for BONES-

Zyrocal incorporates Algal calcium. Clinical studies have shown Zyrocal has an ability to strengthen bones, reverse osteoporosis and increases bone density. The benefits of calcium for supporting bone health are well known by scientists, nutritionists and physicians, but historically difficult for many to consume because of its recognized acid-forming nature and the lack of palatability of a high-calcium diet. Another problem is oral usage is not fully absorbed so that only around 25% reaches the bone in an intact form.

Zyrocal - Scientifically proven.Nature's gift for healthy bone growth, repair and maintenance.Toxic free, ZERO SIDE EFFECTS

Research shows that patients taking Zyrocal tablets have increased bone density and growth of bone cells. It is the most recommended supplement for Osteoporosis.

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