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What is Natural Treatment of Osteoporosis ? How to keep Bones Healthy before it's too late.

What is Osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition in which due to certain reasons the bones become weak and brittle


First of all let's talk about, What is ongoing process of Bone remodeling in our body?

In our body 2 types of processes are continuously going on even right now when you are reading this article

1)Osteoblastic activity (Bone forming)

2)Osteoclastic activity (Bone degrading)

Both of above two process are important for us as calcium is not only required for healthy bones ,But also serum calcium plays many roles like

1)Serum calcium helps in muscles 💪 contraction

2)It helps in nerve function

3)Serum calcium helps in Blood clotting

4)And last but not least Serum calcium helps in proper functioning of Heart

Thus to maintain the appropriate Serum calcium level our body produces PTH(parathyroid harmones) which takes away calcium from bones for above function to work properly I.e osteoclastic activity

In normal adults the amount of calcium taken off by PTH from bones is compensated by a Harmone called as calcitonin -helps in bone formation I.e osteoblastogenesis a bone forming process

Thus above two process will maintain proper calcium level in Bones as well as Serum

However due to some of reasons like

  • Bad Eating habits

  • Improper diet calcium

  • Age and gender related

  • Stress

  • More alcohol consumption etc

The balanced process of Bone formation I.e osteoblastogenesis and Bone degradation I.e osteoclastic will be disturbed and results in More degradation than formation and ultimately results in A silent dangerous disease OSTEOPOROSIS

Appx 10 million peoples suffers from osteoporosis in 1 year in India and as per WHO India is going to be Osteoporosis capital by 2050

Now you may have 1 question how can we know about osteoporosis before it's too late or what are the symptoms of osteoporosis?

And the answer is Osteoporosis is a silent disease the symptoms includes decreased height or a painful fracture.

Thus there are only 2 ways to reverse or prevent osteoporosis

Self Care-Includes Eating Habits and Physical activity

Medication -A perfect combination of Bone nutrient (Only calcium,Vitamin D etc is not enough for bone health)

We at Zynext Innovated a solution and Natural supplement for Bone Health without any Side-effects I.e Periosteum k2 Softgel

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