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Best Solution for Osteoporosis

Zynext India Innovated a solution for Osteoporosis with Unique documented composition-

Cissus quadrangularis 500mg

Algal calcium 500mg

Vitamin D3 400 IU

Vitamin k2-7 45 mcg

As per Many reputed journal and Study Cissus quadrangularis in Periosteum k2 Softgel helps in Stimulating Osteoblastic activity (Bone forming process) Which is confirmed by +ve alkaline phosphate a osteo-blastic markers

Cissus quadrangularis in Periosteum k2 limit Osteoclastic activity (Bone degrading process) As confirmed by TRAP Staining Tartrate Resistance acidic phosphate a Osteoclastic marker

Cissus quadrangularis in Periosteum k2 Helps in mineralization of old as well as new bones by upregulation of MAPK dependent protein kinase In addition to above Algae calcium, Vitamin D3 and Vitamin k2 in Periosteum helps in mineralization of callus during fracture and osteoporosis “

Periosteum k2 is the only brand which is giving you money back gurantee “ if Periosteum-k2 will not improves Your T-Score by – 1.5 in just 2 month with BID dosages and faster fracture healing within 6week. “Claim for your entire money back"

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