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How to Use of Znano Gel:

✔Zynano Gel is used for the relief of the pain in osteoarthritis of joints on knees and hands 

✔Zynano Gel Can be used as Topical analgesic in any type of Pain

Always use Zynano Gel  exactly as told by your doctor

✔Gently apply a small amount of Zynano Gel onto the skin over the area to be treated Usually 0.5 grams of Zynano Gel (about the size of a pea) will be enough for one area (5cm x 5cm) but not more than 8 grams should be used per day

✔Wash your hands after applying the Zynano Gel, unless your hands are being treated

✔Do not apply to skin wounds, infected skin or dermatitis

✔Do not allow DICLOFENAC (ZYNANO GEL) to come into contact with your eyes or the inside of your nose or mouth and do not swallow it

✔Do not use an airtight occlusive dressing

Zynano Gel (30gms)

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